Our Horses

Our horses have all been specially chosen for both character and temperament. Good horses make for good rides.


Meet Asterix.
One of our very special boys. Asterix was impounded off of the Kokstad highway and had lost an ear due to neglect. He was one of the first horses to join Giba Gorge Horse Trails, where he settled in and recovered beautifully.
Stix is a Percheron/Arabian and is 15,2 hands. His flea-bitten grey color together with his generous nature makes him a favorite among our models for our annual calendar shoot.
He is always the big brother to any new horse that joins the herd and is dearly trusted with our wheelchair riders.
This is Chocolate chip!
The biggest boy in the herd. It was love at first site and we knew without a doubt that he was coming home with us the moment we laid eyes on him.
Choc is a 15 year old Appaloosa sports horse who joined the herd 5 years ago. With his gentle nature he takes our guests on magical out rides and works with the handicap community as a therapy horse.
Although not a lead horse, he is always willing and enjoys strutting his stuff every opportunity he gets.
He is a beautiful 16.1 hands. A real ladies man.